Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Online consultation on learning mobility of young people

A couple of days ago the Commission launched an online consultation for young people on learning mobility. Interested by the topic, enthusiastic that the Commission cared about my view and even more enthusiastic that this message actually succeeded in reaching me, I went to the linked Commission page to give my opinion. More money for Erasmus, better acceptancy of international diplomas by foreign countries, a further reduction of travelling cost for young people and the like.

And then I stumble upon this: "First, the Commission invites stakeholders to provide responses to the open questions raised in the text, as well as further reflections and examples of good practice. You can send your contributions via e-mail to" (my italics).
Fair enough. The text in question is a 23-page long Green Paper. Reading and understanding that paper as well as finding specific answers to the open questions will take me at least an entire afternoon. And then I still have to formulate that in policy catchphrases and send it by email. Imagine how my enthusiasm ebbed away.

At least, there was a second. "Second, from 15 July there will be an on-line multiple-choice questionnaire, tailored to the wider public" (my italics).
Awesome! So I was just going to come back and fill out that questionnaire. But when I got back there today, I couldn't find the questionnaire. They seem to have forgotten to put it online. Not really a proof of how much the Commission values my or other young people's opinions.

Add-On, 16. July: The consultation is now online and can be found here.

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