Saturday, May 29, 2010

Challenging internship for an international employer

Are you looking for a challenge and want to prove yourself in an international environment? Do you want to make a contribution to make the world better? Do you have a working mentality and approach administrative and practical problems with equal thrust? Can you work at an outstanding academic and organizational level throughout a week of 65-70 hours (excluding occasional overwork, i.e. for special occasions and conferences)?

Then we are looking for you. Ideally you:
  • have a Masters' degree at a renowned European or international university in economics, political sciences, law, social sciences or related subjects with outstanding grades
  • have six years work experience in international environments, at least two of which in a developing country and at least two of which in a leading position
  • are socially active and have founded or at least contributed significantly to several NGOs, social initiatives or emergency funds
  • have outstanding soft skills, allowing you to organize a team even under high time pressure and can present references to prove this
  • speak English, French, German, Russian, Chinese and Spanish like your mother tongue and are fluent in Japanese, Indonesian, Arabic and Farsi, while you have a good working level knowledge in the remaining languages of the European Union as well as most known dialects in Africa and India
  • are 20 years of age or younger
  • consent to postponing the foundation of a family at least until your 45th birthday
  • bring your own car and consent to paying your travel expenses
  • bring your own computer (newest model, newest hard- and software is an asset)
  • bring in a statement from your parents testifying their willingness to back you up with up to 10,000 EUR per month in case of intensive financial demand for travel and other expenses related to the position you hold
  • are still enrolled as a student at your university, eligible for an Erasmus grant and can make the European Union pay for you so we don't have to do it

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